Dr. Michael Blum

Specialist Orthdontist

Dr. Marina Blum

Dental surgeon

Dr. Michael Blum - specialist Orthodontist


Dr. Blum is a member of the department of Orthodontics, Tel Aviv University.  He is a member of the Israeli Orthodontic society and the Royal College of Surgeon's, Edinburgh.

Dr. Blum studied Orthodontics at Tel Aviv University and in 1998 received his Israeli specialist licence (No. 634).   Dr. Blum is also a recognised specialist in the European Community having passed the British Exams  (M Orth RCS Ed).  He is familiar with all forms of Orthodontic treatment both for children and adults and is certified in INVISALIGN and INCOGNITO. 

Dr. Blum graduated as a dentist from University College Hospital, London in 1989.  Prior to his Orthodontic studies he held various posts in acedemic institues in England;

King's College Hospital, London 1990-91 - Oral Surgery

Eastman Dental Hospital, London 1991-92 - Children's Dentistry

Eastman Dental Hospital, London 1992-93 - Oral Pathology

Dr. Marina Blum

Dr. Marina Blum made Aleya in 2001 and having completed her dental education at The Hebrew University, Jerusalem recieved her dental liscence in 2003.


Since qualifying she has attended advanced courses in the field of aesthetic dentistry;

Prosthodontic rehabilitation on Implants

Laminate veneers

The aesthetic smile

Advanced courses in tooth whitening techniques

Aesthetic tooth reconstruction using Composite restorative materials - anatomy and colour choice


Dr. Oren Peleg - Specialist Oral Surgeon


Dr. Peleg is a member of the department of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery at The Sheba Hospital, Tel Hashomer.


He completed his dental studies at The Hebrew University, Jerusalem in 2000 and in 2004 recieved an award of excellence from the dental school for his teaching there.


In 2010 he recieved his specialisation liscence in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery.  During his studies he was involved in research and published a number of articles.

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